Choosing a DJ.  When choosing a DJ, pick one who is affiliated with a professional DJ organization, and who is properly licensed.

Andy is a full member of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA) which helps to promote professionalism

in the DJ service industry through information, education, training and support of its membership, and to maintain the highest standards of service to consumers in planning, organizing and coordinating the use of the services of CPDJA professionals.

Andy also holds a license from CONNECT Music Licensing (formerly AVLA - Audio-Video Licensing Agency Inc).  This is a legal requirement if a DJ is using sound recordings from any kind of computer hard drive, iPod, MP3 player, CDRs, cassettes or other duplicated format.  It is not required only if playing original CDs.  Venues are starting to insist that a DJ is properly licensed, and it would be disastrous on your wedding day for the venue to refuse to allow your DJ to play.  Not only is an unlicensed DJ acting illegally, but you could be personally liable for his or her actions.

What we provide.  We play dance and background music for Weddings, Parties, Line dances, Salsa nights, Western evenings, Corporate events, Dinner dances, Ballroom dances, Fund raisers, Anniversaries, Latin grooves or any other kind of event where music is required.

We will provide DJ lighting (LED, Laser, Strobe) but only on request and with the agreement of the client. Please note that Oceanside DJ shall not be liable for any harm or injury to health caused directly or indirectly by use of such lighting. Clients are expected to take full responsibility and liability for guests who, for example, may suffer from epilepsy, migraine or adversely affected vision.

We also provide microphones for your use when giving speeches; and we can MC your event with introductions, toasts and announcements if required.

I will work with you to provide the kind of music you want me to play.  I will do my best to oblige music requests from your guests and I am happy to accept a “must play” list and a “play if possible” list from you in advance.  Please do not try to program the whole evening yourself.  If you do, then why bother asking a DJ to play for you in the first place?  Let your DJ do his job and trust him to keep the party rocking.

I also encourage you to make a “do not play” list.  If you do not want the “Chicken Dance” or “YMCA”, or a particular genre of music, then I will not play it even if someone requests it.  On the other hand, if you want a country music wedding or a salsa party then that is what I will provide for you.

I play good, honest, high quality, dance and background music, and I dress appropriately for the occasion.  By doing so, I retain my dignity, my integrity and my professionalism.  I am happy to provide references but, as with any other DJ service, they will of course be positive ones so they will be of limited value.  No-one is going to provide a prospective customer with poor references.

Oceanside DJ is happy to cater for anyone’s requirements, irrespective of their beliefs or lifestyle choices.  We especially welcome clients from the LGBTQ community and are happy to DJ for you no matter how challenging or “off the wall” your request for music services may be: fancy dress, a masked ball, even a naturist wedding!

What we do not provide. If your idea of a DJ is someone who wears jeans and a T-shirt, sunglasses, silly hats and glow stick necklaces; or who constantly yells into the microphone; or who tells bad or inappropriate jokes; or who provides crazy lights, fog machines, trivia quizzes or party prizes; or who swamps your beautifully decorated venue with signs, banners and promotional material, then you are looking in the wrong place and I am not the DJ for you.  I am not loud, cheesy or over the top, I do not play karaoke nor am I a game show host.  It is a business decision for me to turn down prospective clients who want that kind of entertainment - there are other DJs who provide that service. I do not use props or gimmicks to attract your business or to cover up for bad service, nor do I make adverse comments about other DJ services.

Music and sound.  We have an extensive library of thousands of songs in genres of music from 40’s big bands, 50's crooners, through rock ‘n’ roll, 60's pop, 70's rock and 80's disco, right up to the current top 40 hits - our music is updated weekly.  We can play background music from a variety of classical music to light jazz, country, soft rock or easy listening tunes. We have invested in high quality sound reproduction and mixing equipment from Bose, Numark and Yamaha, and will fill the dance floor with an appropriate level of music; not so loud that your guests cannot hear themselves think (after all, it is a social occasion) and not so quiet as to spoil the party atmosphere. Speeches and announcements will be clearly heard throughout the room, and your background music will be set to a comfortable, ambient level.

About wedding planning.  Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life and you will want everything to run smoothly so you can enjoy yourselves.  Much of your wedding day is dependent on budget and personal preferences.  If you can afford it, employ a professional wedding planner or organizer.  He or she will not only work with you and take the pressure of organizing the event but will also take care of every last detail on your behalf.  Your DJ will need a timetable of events, which music to play and when, which speeches to announce, what toasts to make, who to introduce and when, what forms of address are appropriate, etc.  He will also need a floor plan of the reception area and dance floor, and have himself put in a suitable place to carry out his work. Without a good wedding planner, you will have to take care of those details yourself. If a wedding planner is beyond your budget, I will be happy to help you plan a timeline for your big day and make suggestions so everything runs smoothly.

Refreshments.  When providing a complete wedding package, your DJ could easily be on site for some 10 to 12 hours (not including traveling time to and from the venue) - setting up equipment early in the afternoon, providing music and MC services for the entire wedding service, intermission times, cocktail hour and dinner music, as well as playing for the evening reception and staying on afterwards to take down equipment.  It is not essential, but it is a nice gesture to provide a meal for the DJ at the reception (as you would the wedding planner and any other entertainers).  As a professional DJ, I do not consume alcohol when working, but plenty of iced water is very welcome.

First wedding dance.  Your first dance is the first “duty” you will perform in public as a married couple, and you will want it to be as easy and stress free as possible.  Andy is a Fellow of the International Dance Teacher’s Association (IDTA) and can choreograph your first dance steps to music of your choice.  For more information on this unique service click here.

Booking our services. We aim to be competitive and you are welcome to compare our prices with other DJs.  To make it easier for you to budget for your event, all the prices we show are fully inclusive - there are no extras to pay, no hidden surprises, and no taxes on top of the quoted price (except for certain travel distances - see table on pricing page for details).

Before you book Oceanside DJ,  complete and submit the availability form on our contact us page to ensure we are available on your chosen date.  We will respond as promptly as we can to your request.  If we are able to fill your slot, we will send you planning documentation and a contract for you to complete and return to us with the booking fee in order to secure your date. You are advised to book well in advance to ensure we are available for you, especially as certain times of the year are very busy.

About the contract. Oceanside DJ provides you with a written contract which, although seemingly onerous, exists to protect both parties - you the consumer and the person providing the service.  It sets out contractual obligations for both sides which are legally enforceable in a court of law should either side fail to comply with their agreement.  Oceanside DJ contracts to provide a specific service for you at certain times on an agreed date at your nominated venue.  In return, you agree to pay all specified fees by the due date and to complete necessary documentation within specified time limits.  Other clauses in the contract provide for unforeseen circumstances, rights of rescission, cancellation or postponement, confidentiality, health and safety provisions, third party liability and indemnity.  The contract only becomes valid when completed and signed by both parties, each retaining a copy. Beware of DJs who do not provide a contract - you would have no recourse in the event of any failure to provide agreed services.